National Grid Works

See communication from National Grid for further explanation

6-Feb-2020 GMI-12 is closed from the 2nd gate up from the A413, to the Mulberry Park driveway. GMI-13 is closed for around 100 yards either side of the power lines.
Wen-57 is closed at the end of the road to Grove Farm

National Grid Closures, 2019-20
Path Dates Reason Comments
GMI/12/1 2/9/19 - 22/11/19
3/2/20 - 30/9/20
Vegetation Clearance
N G Wiring
Revised 20/11/19
GMI/12/1 2/9/19 -30/9/20 Vegetation Clearance
N G Wiring
Diversion - GMI/2
(Chiltern Heritage Trail)
2/9/19 - 31/9/20 N G Wiring Diversion - GMI/12, if open, otherwise GMI/2
GLK/31/1, SBH/29/1,
SMA/11/1, SMA/11/2
2/9/19 - 30/9/20 N G Wiring Shorter diversion via Marsh Lane
SMA/16/1 2/9/19 - 30/9/20 N G Wiring  
SBH/19/7 (Bridleway) 2/9/19 - 22/11/19
3/2/20 - 17/7/20
Vegetation Clearance
N G Wiring
Part of the suggested diversion is a footpath
WEN/57/1 2/1/20 - 30/9/20 N G Wiring - now closed London Road (through Wendover) would be a much shorter diversion