GMI/12 and 13 closed for
           National Grid works

In mid May, GMI13/3 was diverted as it approaches the Link Road roundabout -

The blue line indicates the new route, but the landscape is somewhat changed since Google last photographed it. There is currently a path closed notice where the path joins the A413, although it is not clear why -this has been raised with HS2 & Fusion.

GMI/12/1 and GMI/13/3 remain closed in the vicinity of the power lines -


There are barriers across GMI/12 at either end of the closure, although the working area only extends around 50m either side of the power line crossing.

There is a fairly substantial obstacle on GMI/13 just beyond the woods (if ascending), and two rather ineffectual barriers at the exit from Jenkins wood, and on Potter Row.



The advertised closure dates (2/9 - 22/11/19) for GMI/12 exceed the actual closure by so much as to be completely useless. This establishes a very bad precedent for future footpath works in the AONB, and the Chiltern Society have complained to the HS2 construction commissioner regarding the inadequate information provided by National Grid.

'Vegetation Clearance' has resulted in the felling of several mature trees, and the destruction of 50m of well established hedgerow - before the Oakervee review has reported, or notice to proceed (with the main works) given.

Before ...

... and After