Wendover Dean
The Chiltern Way

The Chiltern Way will be closed between Bowood Lane and Kings Lane,
for approximately 5 years due to HS2 construction works.

The unplanned closure of the HS2 crossing point from 16th to 20th July has been corrected. We apologise for the inconvenience to walkers that this has caused.

Chiltern Way Closed

17-Jul-2022 HS2/EKFB have closed the crossing point at the diverted WEN/37-TLE/3 path, the only crossing between Leather and Rocky Lanes (about 1.5 miles). The best alternative route is shown here -

The diversion stays on the west side of the Chiltern Line, follows Dunsmore Lane down to the cross the A413, and then follows Rocky Lane up to Kings Ash. Rocky Lane is narrow and winding, with no footpath on either side. Turn right onto the Chiltern Link at Kings Ash, to rejoin the Chiltern Way. We strongly advise against following the A413 between Bowood and Rocky Lanes because of the fast traffic, and rough verges without a defined path on either side.

The Society are working to have the previous diversion restored as soon as possible, due to the length and unsatisfactory nature of this alternative.

A signed diversion is in place, as shown on the map

All paths in this area are to be closed (soon) due to HS2 construction works, except for WEN/37-TLE/3 which runs beside (& in places above) Bowood Lane. This will have a fully manned crossing where it passes through the HS2 worksite, to safeguard walkers from HS2 construction vehicles. Bowood Lane itself is also open, but is not recommended for walkers, as it is very narrow with steep banks.

The Chiltern Society regrets this mass closure of paths, but within 'Act Limits', HS2 have almost unlimited powers, and so our negotiating position was non-existent. Technically, only sections of paths within the HS2 act limits are actually closed, so walking up to the boundary fences (to view the destruction) is permitted.

The Chiltern Way - diversion

If approaching from Little Hampden, turn right onto WEN/30A/1 shortly after crossing the Chiltern Line bridge. Cross two fields diagonally to reach the A413 via a style in the corner of the second field. WEN/37 is 20m to the left on the far side of the road. The path turns right to run alongside (but above) Bowood Lane.

Revised - May 2022

The section of WEN/37 which ran beside (& above) Bowood Lane is now stopped up, and a diversion via Bowood Lane is in place. This has not yet been waymarked !

On leaving the double fenced section of path, keep straight on to towards the finger post beside the lane (or follow the fence round the field edge). Beside the post is a short path down to the lane; take this and turn right onto the lane (which is closed to traffic). Do not follow the old path on the near side of the hedge- it is blocked further up. Ascend the lane for a couple of hundred yards until you find it blocked, then follow the new path to the left, between wire security fences.

Rejoin WEN/37 after crossing the haul road


(When descending the lane, watch out for the finger post on the left and take the path up the bank, which is around 5' high at this point)

After a hundred yards of devastation, you will encounter a manned crossing over the Haul Road, which carries earth moving HGVs alongside the line. Cross the trace, and remains of Bowood Lane, to follow the remainder of WEN/37, between the hedge and security fencing on the right hand side of the lane

On reaching Kings Lane, turn left for 20m, then right onto TLE/4/2. (Kings Lane is very narrow in places, and may be heavily used during some phases of construction)




Just before reaching The Lee, turn around to follow the Chiltern Link northwards for around 750m, to rejoin the Chiltern Way at TLE/6 - the second path to the right. Alternatively, proceed through The Lee (passing the Cock and Rabbit PH), taking a path to the left off Lee Clump Road, just before a small pond. Turn left then right in the wood (which can be muddy), cross Chesham Lane to rejoin the Chiltern Way just after Swan Bottom. Diversion 2 is slightly shorter, and not waymarked as the Chiltern Way.