How to Complain

See the official HS2 Complaints procedure page for full details, and a description of their escalation procedures.

Options include

HS2 Ltd will need you to give as much information as possible about your issue, including:

Vehicle Movements

Vehicles over 3.5T working for HS2 will display an identifiying sign - but, complaints will not be considered unless the registration number has been recorded -

4.8.5 Due to the risk that vehicles continue to display signs when not working on HS2
related activities, complaints about lorry movements will not be investigated unless
a vehicle registration number is provided which can then be checked against the
booking records.

(Phase 1 Traffic Management, p45)

Construction Commissioner

The government have appointed an Independent Construction Commissioner -
"Seeking fair and independent resolution of complaints related to the construction of HS2"
However, the first point of contact remains the HS2 help desk, as described above.